Go Rediscover America with Doug HoltGo Rediscover America was the brainchild of Doug Holt who ran marketing research which led to respondents commonly stating that their dreams include travel, but that fear of global issues and instability prevented them from going.

“Why not travel around America?” was a common question that would follow.

The response was overwhelming – people simply didn’t find traveling around the United States as an inspiring idea. This was due to seeing the same places featured and seeing people do the same old things on all the travel sites and TV shows.

It’s time to Go Re-Discover American again and with an election year upon us, this is a prime time for both Americans and those traveling to the US to see another side of this great nation. It’s time to put a new generation’s stamp on what it means to be in America and showcase the beauty, mystery, and magnificence of America.

Go Rediscover America offers the option of not only discovering the United States, but will allow the user to expand into Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

The website, and its sponsors, will allow others to inspire the world by showcasing travelers, their adventures, and the places they discover in the Americas.

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