Each episode for Go Rediscover America is shot specifically designed for the web. These episodes are test pilots which will be pitched to major networks after the series is produced. At the very least each episode will air and have search engine optimization which will continue giving sponsors benefits for many years to come.
Thank you for your support! We have created a new level of sponsorship called the iron package program. This is for social media influencers and travel bloggers who are out showcasing their travel and adventures online as well.

Membership is free. It’s all about creating synergy.

For the iron package program you will only be asked to repost for our sponsors and you will get the following benefits: membership discounts as provided by our sponsors and associated companies, exclusive networking within the iron package group, synergistic posting and reposting to help promote your blogs or social media profiles and regular shout outs from the Go Rediscover America Crew.

Yes, you can still sponsor our mission. Simply contact us and we’ll let you know the details. We’ve had several inquiries from sponsors who don’t exactly fit the Go Rediscover Brand model but we’ve found creative ways of helping them get associated with our market. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.
We have purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz 170 inch 4 by 4 extended edition cargo van that will be custom outfitted by our partners for this project. The van is a beast and turns heads wherever it goes. You can hear the van coming and we often get stopped to answer questions about what we are going to do with the van and where our adventures will be taking us. The van hasn’t even been completed and we are still getting a lot of marketing and PR out of it. Here are some pictures.
Luckily this project is being headed by Doug Holt who is also the owner of Branded Innovation. Even if Doug Holt and his crew are not available or don’t have access, our team at Branded Innovation still have 12 other people to step up and make sure that the project is always moving forward. As an experience marketing agency, this is something we are able to handle without a problem. Even if 9/10 of our staff get sick all on the same day for some odd reason we still have the staffing structure to push forward. This is the power of having an expert marketing agency on your side!

During this campaign, our partners will also be displaying our sponsors and promoting them through their own marketing efforts via social media and their websites. This gives our sponsors a wide net in which to attract a new audience and stay in front of already potential customers. A proven method that has been used for years but previously only available to large multi-national corporations. By leveraging the power of the internet in a co-op type environment we are able to provide this level of exposure to companies both small and large! To get more information simply reach out to us at [email protected] or talk to our marketing team at [email protected].

Doug Holt will be captaining the van during this campaign with his wife Erin Holt from Sweat Dirt and Soul and many of the crew from Branded innovation. During our adventure, we will be stopping by to meet other professionals, family, and friends who will be joining us along the journey. The plan is to pick up other marketing and agency owners who will also be promoting the campaign as a journey through their area thus multiplying the outreach effect that this campaign will have. We will also be interviewing business owners, political figures, and the characters we meet along the way.

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